Colonial Botany

When we speak of deconstructing or “decolonising” botany, unlike the artefacts of museums – plants cannot be repatriated to their homelands.

Morley College London

In July 2020 Morley College London reached out to us asking if we could brighten up an unused, unloved outdoor space that was barely a garden. A vision was set out…

Whose London: Tayshan Hayden-Smith

17th October 2020:

Designers have taken inspiration from the great outdoors this autumn, turning to all-weather clothes, smocks and big boots. But do actual gardeners dig it?

How I found hope after the Grenfell tragedy

Evening Standard
23 September 2020

As my 24th birthday nears, I am at a crossroads in life. I look back on the last few years, especially, and I reflect on just how challenging it has been — from the Grenfell Tower fire; to losing my mum; to Covid-19; to the general challenges of life as a young person growing up in London. But one thing has always remained ... hope.