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Prairie Garden

The Prairie Garden is a partnership between Grow2Know and the Natural History Museum’s Urban Nature Project. We have been working alongside W11 to consult with the community and are helping residents to plant and maintain their own Prairie garden on the green space between Hurstway and Testerton Walk, Lancaster West Estate, W11 – near the children’s playground.

A Prairie garden is typically a fusion of grasses and perennials, that return year after year, surviving floods, droughts and challenging weather conditions. They attract wildlife and improve the biodiversity of the area. They are very resilient, hardy, and look beautiful. This garden will provide refuge and relaxation for the local community as well as offering herbs and medicinal plants. 

We explored the fusion of nationalities and cultures that are represented by local residents and through surveys discovered the types of cuisine and ingredients used in the delicious dishes that are prepared in their homes. Some of the plants that will be grown in the garden will be herbs that residents can access and use in their cooking. 

By scanning QR codes in the garden, visitors will be able to access fact files about many of the plants and expand their own knowledge and understanding of the history, growing conditions and natural habitats of the species. 

We have to thank our partner Natural History Museum and collaborator W11 on this project, facilitating the opportunity for Grow 2 Know to expand our vision of placemaking in the local community, where local people can use their initiative to impact and influence their own spaces. 

Food and Culture

Three local restaurants were chosen to represent the diversity of the cultural history of the community and we have produced short clips to demonstrate how important herbs are used in delicious cuisines from all over the world.

Babajani is a fusion of Caribbean and Mesopotamian (Khurdish and Iranian) cultures. The owner and head chef, Kris, offers eat in, take away and private catering options with his tantalising menu using coriander, thyme, parsley, fresh fruits such as pomegranate and date syrup to maintain authentic flavours. Date jerk chicken wings, falafel wraps and tabouleh are some of the staples you can explore on their menu.

Babajani, 322A PORTOBELLO ROAD, London, W10 5RU, 07415 535 791 http://www.babajani.co.uk babajaniportobello@gmail.com @BABA JANI

Hassan’s Moroccan Fish is a notorious destination venue on Goldbourne road, enticing locals and visitors from all over the country and abroad. So renowned is this simple eatery for providing satisfying, flavourful meals, that every lunchtime and all afternoon, there are a steady flow of customers, consuming fresh fish, salad chips and rice all doused with fresh lemon juice, parsley and coriander to accentuate the authentic Moroccan spices.

Hassan Moroccan Fish can be found on the corner of Portobello and Goldbourne Road, just turn up and find a seat or take away.

Jaydees Caribbean Catering is situated in a historic location just off the original “front line” of West London, All Saint’s Road. Simone and her team create sumptuous Jamaican favourites of Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat, Red pea or Okra soup, Fish tea, patties and brown stew or steamed fish. Fresh thyme is used in a wide variety of dishes as well as scallion, onion, garlic and scotch bonnet peppers to ensure they remain “Proudly Caribbean” when they tickle your tastebuds.

Jaydees, 28 Lancaster Road, W11 1QP, 020 7243 5969 www.jaydeescatering.com  @jaydeescatering

Grow2Know Herbs

Here are some interesting, plant fact-files for species that will be growing in our Prairie Garden on Lancaster West Estate.
Find out more about where they originate, what they need to grow and how they will can support biodiversity in the area.